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Wholesale pricing is given to individuals operating a business and wanting to purchase jump rings in bulk. To receive wholesale pricing I will need a copy of your tax ID certificate on file. Wholesale pricing is given on the "Custom Order" page of the website. I'll give you a quote for the items you want to purchase. I then place an "Add to Cart" button on the custom order page for purchase.

Currently there are no discounts available on jewelry findings and pliers. Bulk wholesale pricing may be packaged in larger quantities than stated on the website. Example: 2000 18ga 3.5mm copper jump rings might be packaged in 1 bag versus 4 packages of 500 jump rings as usually offered on the website. This helps to process your order as fast as possible. If you would like to receive them in the normal 500 quantity packaging just leave a note in the comment section when checking out.

  The following is a summary for wholesale pricing of ( Copper, Bronze, and Jewelers Brass) jump rings. Order totals can be combined on all materials above in any combined wire gauge and inner diameter size.
 5% off of $100 or more.
10% off of $200 or more.
20% off of $300 or more.

"Bright Aluminum" jump rings have a larger discount as follow.
*Order total for any combined wire gauge and inner diameter size.
 10% off $100 or more.
 20% off $200 or more.
 30% off $500 or more.
35% off $1000 or more.

"Anodized Niobium" jump ring discount pricing are as follow and Applies to all sizes and color options available at this time.
5% off $100 or more.
10% off $200 or more.

I offer wholesale pricing as stated above for mixed wire ga.'s and different sizes combined. This gives you the best possible wholesale pricing on all your jump ring requirements for making different jewelry designs. We can discuss your needs further, just email me what you’re looking to accomplish to better suit your needs.
Wholesale guide lines and pricing information
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Wholesale guide lines and pricing information