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Anodized Aluminum Curb Chain for Jewelry Making
    Anodized aluminum curb chain in 9 vibrant colors for jewelry making. Black and gunmetal are added for additional color options. Use this anodized aluminum chain in a variety of ways to create interesting and colorful jewelry designs. All aluminum curb chain is 15/64" x 5/32" wide, except for the gun metal ( approximately 5/16" x 13/64" ) By incorporating anodized aluminum chain into your designs you'll be making bold and colorful fashion statements. Don't wait, start selling more jewelry to your customers by adding beautiful vibrant anodized colors to your jewelry designs today.
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Anodized Aluminum Curb Chain for Jewelry Making
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All chain is sold for $1 a foot. You can adjust quantities at check out.
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Thank you for the free samples. The colors were very beautiful and consistent through out. I will be ordering more.
Karen G. Elmhurst, IL
The colors and quality are superb. I will be using more to really set off my designs.
Stacy K. Denver, CO
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