14 gauge Chain Maille Key Chain Kits by PK Jewelry 4u
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14ga Chain Maille Key Chain Kits by PK Jewelry 4u
     Large 14ga bright aluminum chain maille key chain kits from PK Jewelry 4u. Each kit contains instruction and enough supplies to complete 5 key chains. Learn the weave of your choice and be able to give away inexpensive gifts to your friends and family. These chain maille key chains are a great way to show potential customers the weaves you can make for them. You can also give them away as promotional gifts.
Daisy Chain Maille Key Chain
Full Persian Chain Maille Key Chain
Half Persian Chain Maille Key Chain
Parallel Chain Maille Key Chain
Each Kit makes 5 Key Chains with Instructions. $15
Daisy - 2 1/2"
Byzantine - 3"
Euro 4-1 - 3 1/2"
Full Persian - 4"
Half Persian - 4"
Parallel - 4 1/2"
Approximate Key Chain Length:
Byzanttine Chain Maille Key Chain
European 4-1  Chain Maille Key Chain
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