Bright Aluminum
Bright Aluminum Jump Rings Pic
On request of some customers, I have made jump rings in Imperial Sizes. The jump rings are measured in fractions of an inch (imperial), corresponding to the size of the mandrel onto which the wire is wound. The Imperial jump ring sizes have millimeter equivalents next to them and are rounded to the nearest hundredth. All size jump rings below use the AWG ( American Wire Gauge ) system for measureing wire diameter. All Imperial size jump rings are saw cut and tumble polished to perfection. When in doubt about which size to order for a particular weave just ask.
Imperial Size Jump Rings for Chain Maille - Imperial Jump Ring Menu Page
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Jewelers Brass
Thanks! Your jump rings are wonderful. Great Quality!
Cherelyn T. Mountain View, AR
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Imperial Size Jump Rings for Chain Maille - Imperial Jump Ring Menu Page
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Enameled Copper
Anodized Niobium Grapes Color
Anodized Niobium
Thank you for the fast shipping and your ring quality looks amazing. I will be buying from you again.
Chase N. UT
I just wanted you to know that I recently received my order of rings, in which I ordered appx. 3000 of them and they are awesome. The cut of the rings are super smooth and I would recommend your rings to anyone looking for quality rings. Thank you for doing a great job and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.
Rich W. Clearwater, FL
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