How to Make the 2 in 2 Chain Maille Weave
How to Make the 2 in 2 Chain Maille Weave
    I have added a free tutorial for the 2 in 2 chain maille weave. The 2 in 2 chain maille weave is the easiest pattern to learn when first starting. It helps build hand dexterity and also makes good practice for opening and closing jump rings properly.

    At the bottom of the page I have listed recommended jump ring sizes in a variety of gauges to get you started. You can use slightly different sizes and still complete this weave. Just remember that slightly bigger jump ring sizes will leave more room between segments and slightly smaller rings might make the weave less flexible.
1. Close two jump rings and attach to a twist tie or a piece of yarn as shown in Figure A. This will enable you to hold on to the jump rings as you assemble the chain.
2. Open two jump ring and insert them thru the first two jump rings and close the jump ring. You have just added the two jump rings in grey in Figure B.
3. Continue adding two more jump rings to the end of your chain creating a new segement as shown in Figure C. Remember to close your jump rings properly each time you add a new jump ring. Your jump ring ends should come together nicely making the seam hard to see.
4. Continue adding new segements until you reach your desired length. Replace the twist tie with a slightly bigger jump ring to one end of your chain and attach the catch. Add a single jump ring to the other end and attach your clasp to complete a bracelet or necklace. Make shorter lengths and attach to ear findings for quick and easy earrings.
Figure A.
Figure B.
Figure C.
2 in 2
Inner Diameter
2.5 mm
3 mm
Approx. Rings per inch
22 r.p.i.
18 r.p.i.
4.5 mm
12 r.p.i.
    I have listed recommended jump ring sizes in a few gauges to get you started. You can click on Jump Rings on the left menu above to order jump rings. Start your journey in Chain Maille today.
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