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Chain Maille Jump Rings Supplies
Argentium S. Silver
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Solid Copper
   Received your argentium
jump rings today. They are going to make a very nice necklace.
Rosie G. Cincinnati, OH
I received my order. The jump rings are beautiful. I can't wait to create something with them. Sukey R. Hagerstown, MD
Multi Shaped Jump Rings
Twisted Argentium Silver
Enameled Copper Jump Rings Pic
Twisted Argentium Jump Rings Pic
Imperial Jump Rings Pic
Imperial (Inch) Sizes
Jewelers Brass Jump Rings Pic
Jewelers Brass
    Jump rings, jump rings, jump rings. High quality, saw cut jump rings made in a variety of metals. Argentium Sterling Silver, Copper, Bronze, Jewelers Brass, Enameled Copper and Bright Aluminum jump rings offered in metric and imperial sizes. I coil and precision cut all my jump rings with a very thin jewelers saw. This means only a small amount of material is removed to make the roundest ring you can get. All jump rings are tumbled to remove any burs, lubricant and leave them with a high luster shine. Each batch of jump rings are inspected before they are shipped to bring you the Best Quality. Round jump rings, Twisted jump rings, and Multi Shaped jump rings made in the U.S.A. Multi Strand jump rings coming soon. Remember, not all jump ring sizes are exactly the same for each material due to spring back. When in doubt, just ask.
Thanks! Your jump rings are wonderful. Great Quality!
Cherelyn T.
Mountain View, AR
Your copper jump rings are Beautiful. They are Far Superior to others that I've ordered.
Cathy O. Fords, NJ
Wow…that was fast. Got my order today. Gotta tell ya…the rings are PERFECT.
Quick service…awesome quality…fantastic prices…I will be placing orders A LOT more with you!
Kim A. Columbus, OH
It's the first time I tried jewelers brass in my designs. Your jump rings are very very nice. Made a Beautiful Jen Pind necklace.
Tim D. Waterford, NY
Thank you for working with me Pam. At times, I thought I was asking for too much from you. The bronze jump rings are gorgeous. Your customer service and turn around time our second to none.
Lisa W. Oak Park, IL
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We could'nt be more satisfied! :) My boyfriend started with a silver-necklace directly, after we opened the box!
Hannah B & Thorgal K.
Kungälv, Sweden
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