Handmade Pendants, Wire Sculpted Pendants, Custom Handcrafted Wire Wrapped Jewelry
These handmade wire sculpted pendants really need to be seen in person to see the workmanship used to create these beautiful pendants. There made to give you that one of a kind look. Each pendant is made from the finest materials available. From grade A Fresh Water Pearls, Lapis Lazuli, Fancy Cabochons, to faceted semi precious gemstone beads. I use only 14kt gold filled and sterling silver to make these wire wrapped pendants last a lifetime. Email me for additional photos, you won't be dissapointed in these handmade pendants. Unique, one of a kind, handmade wire sculpted wire wrapped pendants just for you.
Handmade Wire Sculpted Gemstone Pendants
Sterling Silver Dichroic Glass Wire Wrapped Pendant, 1 1/8" wide and 2 1/4" long, $39.95
25 x 11mm Blue Chalcedony Gemstone Cabochon Pendant,
2" x 1/2", $44.95
Lusterous 16 x 9mm White Pear Pearl Pendant in 14kt Gold Filled, 1 7/8" x 3/4" wide, $29.95
Sterling Silver ( 925 ) Wire Sculpted Mookite Pendant, 1" x 2" long, $19.95
24 x 13mm Osmina Pearl Handmade Sculpted Pendant, 1 5/8" long made in 14kt Gold Filled, $24.95
Rare 20 x 22mm Charoite Cabochon
( Nicer than photo) 2" x 7/8", $54.95
White Mountain Jade Cabochon Pendant. Has a glitter like effect similar to an opal, 1/2" x 1 1/4" long in Sterling Silver, $24.95
Brilliant Glow to this
22 x 19mm Moonstone Cab ( Nicer than photo )
1 7/8" x 7/8" $59.95
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