14kt Yellow Gold Filled Neck Wire for wearing a pendant or as a stand alone necklace. Made from 18ga half hard 14kt Gold Filled Wire.
16" long $22
18" long $24
20" long $26
Argentium Sterling Silver Neck Wire for wearing a pendant or as a stand alone necklace. Made from 18ga half hard Argentium Sterling Silver Wire.
16" long $16
18" long $18
20" long $20
Handmade Neckwire Jewelry, Sterling Silver Neck Wire, Gold Filled Collar, Handcrafted Neckwire Jewelry.
These Neck Wires are the perfect Inexpensive alternative to use for wearing PK Handmade Pendants. Also can be used as a stand alone Necklace. I use 18ga 14kt Gold Filled Wire and Sterling Silver to make these long lasting Neck Wires. When properly cared for, they will last a lifetime. Click Jewelry Care for Cleaning Tips. Once my current supply of wire is exhausted, the price for my neck wire will increase due to the rising cost of precious metals. Get your neck wire at these low prices while you still can. Inexpensive Neck Wires in 14kt Gold Filled and Sterling Silver.
I just received my 2 neckwires today-very nice! I have so many pendants that I will now be able to enjoy wearing, comfortably.
Thanks, Joanne G.
Schaumburg, IL

Love my new SS Neckwire. Shipping was lightning fast.
The price is the best I've found anywhere on the internet.
Jill C. Fort Wayne, IN
Handmade 14kt Gold Filled Neckwire
Handmade 14kt Gold Filled Neck Wire
Handmade Sterling Silver Neckwires
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