About 14kt Gold Filled
     14kt Gold Filled ( 1/20 ) is a highly durable layer of 14kt Gold permantly bonded by heat and pressure to a support alloy metal. Also known as Rolled Gold. It will not flake off like gold plate. Gold plated is an electroplating process that add's a thin molecule layer of gold. Unfortunately Gold Plate might not be Gold at all, and might be just a gold toned color. Gold Filled has significantly more gold (100 times more) than gold plate, and is consider a lifetime product when cared for properly. You will see the notation "14/20 gold filled" meaning that outer 5 % of the material is 14kt Gold usually over a brass core. When gold filled is placed over sterling silver, it is called "Vermeil".

     Just like your gold jewelry, caring for Gold Filled jewelry is simple. Minimize exposure to salt water, extreme temperatures, chlorine, perspiration and abrasive soaps by wiping with a soft cloth to remove these elements which can cause oxidation. Store Jewelry separately to prevent scratching other jewelry. To clean your jewelry, Clean with water and a mild dish soap, and dry with a soft clean cloth. I recommend to use red rouge to bring a high luster to your gold filled jewelry. Simple apply a little red rouge to a soft cloth and gently polish your jewelry to a bright luster. (With red rouge, stay away from pearls to prevent damaging your pearls).
Jewelry Care Tips from PK Jewelry 4u
Sterling Silver
Clean your sterling silver with a clean cloth after each time you wear your jewelry. I recommend to clean your sterling silver jewelry with "Sunshine Polishing Cloth" . I like to use anti-tarnish paper to help keep your sterling jewelry from tarnishing. Simply place your jewelry in a resealable plastic bag with the anti-tarnish strip or paper to retard tarnishing.

If you use a commercial jewelry cleaner, be sure to read the label for instructions. Some gemstones may be ruined by such cleaners such as pearls, opals, coral, shells, etc. Please use caution when using commercial cleaners to prevent damaging your jewelry. And Remember with proper care, you should get many years of enjoyment from your sterling silver jewelry.
Argentium, the silver of the 21st century, stays bright and beautiful. No polishing. Argentium, the way silver was meant to be; forever bright and beautiful. Argentium Sterling Silver (AS)
is .925 Silver. In Argentium, Germanium replaces 1.2% of the copper in Sterling Silver that prevents fire scale (oxidation) on the surface of Sterling Silver. Argentium tarnishes very slowly. Argentium is approx. 15% more expensive than Sterling Silver, but well worth the price for the finished product. To Clean my Argentium Jewelry, Simply wash with Dawn Dish soap and water & pat dry with a clean cloth. I also just wipe down my Argentium jewelry with a clean cloth once in awhile to stay looking great. Do not submerse in a jewelry cleaner that has been used for other kinds of jewelry to prevent the addition of cross contamination from other elements. I have not had much experience with using polishes to give you my opinion yet, but will post results in the future.
Argentium Sterling Silver
The method I like to use for cleaning Copper is a mixture of lemon juice 25% and water 75% with a pinch of salt in a small container to submerge the jewelry piece. I swish the jewelry piece back and forth in the mixture to make sure contact is made to every jump ring or crevice in the item. I do this for about 3 - 5 minutes and then rinse the piece under warm running water and pat dry with a clean cloth. If the piece isn't as clean as I wanted, I would repeat the steps above until I'm satisfied with the results. Never let your jewelry soak for extended periods of time in the mixture. And never leave your jewelry unattended. The mixture above is acidic and can corrode your jewelry piece if left for long periods of time. Remember to always rinse throughly with water.
Bright Aluminum is a very light metal ( about 1/4 the weight of Sterling Silver) with a hint of grey. When taken care of properly it will keep it's shine for years to come. Bright Aluminum jump rings do not chip or peel. The advantages of using Bright Aluminum is that it's inexpensive. Beautiful looking jewelry can be made at the fraction of the cost of other materials. Bright Aluminum has a slight rub off on the skin. To clean Bright Aluminum simply wash with Dawn Dish soap and water & pat dry with a clean cloth. I also just wipe down my Bright Aluminum Jewelry with a clean cloth before storing in a plastic bag when not in use. If you have a tumbler, you can polish the bright aluminum with walnut shell media to bring back that shine. Keep your Bright Aluminum Jewelry away from corrosive chemicals such as chlorine, bleach, acids, and drain cleaning solutions to prevent your jewelry from oxidizing and losing it's luster.
Bright Aluminum
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