Website News and Updates
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Website News and Updates
    Here I'll post website news and updates to keep you informed of changes to the site. I'll also list craft shows that you'll be able to find me at below. Anything else pertinent to the website that may affect shipping times such as going on vacation and unexpected events you'll be able to find here. New kits, projects and jewelry making supplies will be listed here first as a convience.
If there's a link that isn't working properly please let me know. I'll fix it ASAP. Feel free to email me with any comments about the website. Hope these changes will make your visit more pleasant in finding what your looking for.
   Silver filled jump rings are now available in 18 and 16 gauge. You can click here to view the new silver filled jump rings page. The silver filled jump rings are 1/10 or 10% sterling silver by weight. I've been working with the silver filled, and highly recommend this material as a great alternative to the higher cost of sterling silver. Properly closed silver filled jump rings will not show the brass core underneath. Silver filled bracelet and necklace kits should start to become available starting this weekend. More color options in anodized niobium have also been added. You can always ask for a custom blend of anodized niobium at check out.
   Silver filled chain maille bracelet kits are now available. Silver filled bracelet kits are an excellent alternative to kits made in sterling silver. There is no difference in appearance between sterling and silver filled. Take advantage of this great alternative by providing your customers with the same look and feel as sterling, but at a fraction of the cost. Learning this ancient art has never been this affordable. With the craft season coming soon you'll want to provide great jewelry at an excellent price. Sell more jewelry to your customers than every before. What are you waiting for?
   Bold chain maille necklaces in bright aluminum have just been added. Make a fashion statement this summer with a large, yet light weight chain maille necklace. You can click here to view the available designs. Also coming very soon per customer requests, will be enameled copper jump rings. Enameled copper jump rings will be available in 18ga and 16ga sizes. I'm currently building up my stock, and will be offering over 20 color options in enameled copper and silvered enameled colors. Enameled copper makes adding color to your jewelry projects as easy as 1, 2, 3.
    Enameled copper jump rings are now available in 18ga and 16ga sizes. I'm still currently building up my stock, but decided to put them up on the site. You can click here to see the color choices and sizes available at this time. I will be adding more color options as they become available. If you need a jump ring size not listed, just ask. I have the capability of cutting many other sizes.
    I am now stocking dead soft round wire suitable for adding bead embellishments to your jewelry projects in copper and bronze. Available in 20, 18, and 16 gauge round wire. I will also be adding other wire shapes such as square and half round next month. All dead soft materials and wire shapes will be suitable for wire wrapping and wire sculpting. New bronze clasp have been added in the tools and findings page. I finally found some bronze clasp that really compliment the bronze jump rings on the site. You can click here to go straight to the clasp page and see the new bronze clasp.
    All "Imperial" size jump rings are now also listed with a letter & number system underneath the imperial size. In parenthesis is the metric equivalent. The number stands for the gauge of wire and the letter now designates the Imperial size mandrel on which the wire was wound on. Example: 18-D represents an 18ga 1/8" jump ring, and a 16-H jump ring represents 16ga 3/16". This should make it easier to match sizes listed on tutorials you may have or find in a magazine.
The new system should make things easier for some to remember the sizes by letters than having to remember an imperial size such as 21/64".
    Refill chain maille bracelet kits were previously available in bright aluminum, copper, and argentium silver for those that know how to assemble the designs. No instruction are provided with the refill kits to keep the price as affordable as possible. The refill kits are a wonderful way to purchase ready to put together bracelets for family, friends, or for resale. Base metal refill kits now have a drop down menu with choices of copper, bronze, or jewelers brass for one low price. You can click here to be taken to the base metal bracelet refill kits page. Have a wonderful 4th of July.
    More dead soft wire has been added for wire wrapping and embellishing your chain jewelry. Available in round, square and half round dead soft wire in a variety of size just for wire wrapping. Add wire wrapping and bead embellishments to your one of a kind chain creations today. Distinguish your jewelry from other artist by incorporating other jewelry making techniques. You can click here to go directly to the dead soft wire page.
    The Pinwheel project kit is now available in bright aluminum. You can click here to be taken to the page. Also coming this week are cute little dangles for embellishing your jewelry. I will also be clearing out a shelf and offering some of my older wire wrapping DVD's by Preston Reuther and "Step by Step Wire"CD's at the beginning of the year. They would make a wonderful addition to your jewelry book collection.
    I would like to thank each and everyone of my loyal customers for shopping here on the site. This past year has been a wonderful blessing and thank you for the positive feedback. I will be closed down for inventory and end of year bookkeeping till 01-04-13. You'll still be able to place your orders, but shipping will resume on 01-05-13. Again, thank you and have a safe New Year.
    I have a bit of new's that you might just find interesting. Small anodized aluminum tags have been added to the site. These tags make wonderful accessories for creating your jewelry designs. Larger tags will become available in the near future. Base metal jump ring prices have been lowered considerably. This has been made possible by better jump ring cutting efficiency and greatly improved inventory stocking space. You can save even more by buying in bulk, just ask how you can receive wholesale prices.
   16ga bright aluminum square wire jump rings have just been added to the website. You can click here to see the BA square wire jump rings page. The sizes for square wire are different from round wire because of the added dimensions of the square wire. The sizes I offer have been made to make a particular weave. They are available in 1/2, and full ounce packages. More weaves will become available when I have more time to work out the ideal size.
   16ga bright aluminum square wire refill kits have just been added to the website. You can click here to be taken directly to the page. I will also be adding 18ga and 16ga square wire jump rings in copper and bronze by the end of the month. I will be working on bracelet kits and refill kits for the bronze and copper square wire as time permits. Jump ring sizes will be available for a particular chainmail weave. But, if your looking for a different size square wire jump ring for your project. I can custom make them for you.
   Copper and bronze square wire jump rings are now available for your jewelry projects. Would you like to have a different look to your chainmaille designs? 18 and 16 gauge square wire sizes have been added to bring a new dimension to your chainmail designs. Need a different size square wire jump ring? Many other additional sizes are also available upon special request. These specially priced square wire jump rings make it easy to sell your jewerly peices for a profit. Get your copper and square wire jump rings today.
   Large anodized aluminum petals are now available in nine colors. Buy solid colors or you can mix and match your own color combinations for your jewelry projects. You can click here to be taken directly to the page. 16ga jewelers brass jump rings are back in stock in imperial sizes. I'll be working on 14ga bright aluminum square wire jump ring sizes next.
   Colored acrylic spike beads have just been added to the site in seven individual colors. Two sizes are currently available on the site. Additional sizes and colors will be added next month. Three package size are available for you to sample these cute spike beads. Mixed assorted colored spike bead packs are also offered for sampling all the colors.
Assorted colored spike beads
   "Silver Filled" bracelet refill kits are now available. You can now get the look of sterling silver in an affordable price. Each kit contains all the silver filled jump rings and a sterling silver clasp to complete an 8" bracelet. No instructions are included with the kits. Knowledge of the weave is needed to assemble the project. Sterling silver jump rings will be added in January. I thank each and every customer a Happy and Wonderful holiday season.
   14ga bright aluminum square wire jump rings have just been added to the website. You can click here to see the BA square wire jump rings page. The sizes for square wire are different from round wire because of the added dimensions of the square wire. The sizes I offer have been made for a particular weave. Available in 1/2 and 1 ounce packages. More weaves will become available when
I have more time to work out the ideal size.
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   Anodized aluminum refill kits are now available. These refill kits do not come with instructions. The anodized aluminum refill kits are a great way to pick up a few designs at a low pice. Everything need to complete the project is included except the instructions. Available in a wide range of vibrant colors. You can click here to see the anodized aluminum refill kts page.
  I am currently switching over to "Sterling Silver" jump rings. The demand for sterling silver has been greater than Argentium per customer request. I want to make it easier to purchase on the website than per request. So, you can now purchase sterling silver round jump rings in 18ga. As soon as the current supply of 20ga and 16ga Argentium dwindles down, I will then switch those gauges over to sterling silver.
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